BRFC COVID 19 info


Please adhere to current Government guidance re travel arrangements to and from games. All safety precautions should be taken if travelling by public transport.


Please park sensibly and where possible allow space between yours and the next vehicle for safe access

Ground entry;

When arriving at the ground you will be asked to sanitise your hands before entry. Contact details of all staff / spectators will be taken by ground stewards at the entry kiosk. This may cause a slight delay in entry so please queue 2 meters apart from the next person.

If entering with an eticket this will be scanned and you will be verified on our data base. If paying on the day (which we advise against) please have correct money available, no change will be given.

There is a one way system in operation once inside the ground, this also covers the bar area. Please adhere to signage and floor arrows.


The outside toilets will be open for spectators and should be used as opposed to the internal bar toilets. Please sanitise your hands prior and post use of the toilets. We operate a one in one out policy on all of the facilities toilets

Main stand;

The main stand is open and you will be shown to seats that suit to your party size. There will be a steward on the entry to the stand on match day. Please observe their instructions and stay seated in your designated seat during the game.

Perimeter viewing;

Spectators should only gather in maximum groups of 6 as per guidance and stand 2 meters apart from the next bubble. Stewards will monitor the crowd conditions on the day and will ask anyone not conforming to the guidelines to move.

Covered stands;

As per above please respect bubble sizing and social distancing rules.

Bar area;

The bar area will be open and available for all spectators. Please follow the way in and way out arrows in the bar. There is an order point and a collection point for your drinks and we strongly advise payment by card only. There is very limited internal seating area but ample in the beer garden and patio area which we encourage use of. Smoking is permitted in the designated area adjacent to the bars man entrance.


Exiting the ground;

Please follow the one way system round the ground when exiting. This will ensure a speedy route out without congestion.


Players / Staff;

The changing rooms and showers are in use with the following regulations in place;

  1. Pre match meeting should take place on the pitch or outside of the changing area

  2. Bubbles of 6 personal can enter the changing area at a time and once finished benches etc should be sanitized by the designated Covid person for your team

  3. Team talks should take place on the pitch or an outside area and NOT in the changing rooms

  4. Half time talks should take place externally. Changing facilities can be used but again in bubbles of 6 at a time only then sanitized after each bubble.

  5. Post match bubbles of 6 personal will be permitted into the changing area with only bubbles of 2 persons entering the showers at any one time.

  6. There will be no post match hospitality but food / drinks can be purchased from the bar area

  7. Dug outs should only be occupied by 3 persons with an area provided in the covered stands or on the grass area for remainder of players / staff. Please observe social distancing rules as and where possible during the game.



The changing area is separate to the referees room. All 3 officials can socially distance in the referees area but only one person at a time is permitted into the changing area. It is advised to carryout pre match briefings outside. There will be no post match hospitality after the game.


Match balls;

Please do NOT retrieve match balls during the game, these will be collected by our stewards and returned to the dugout area for sanitizing.

Any issues during the game please alert one of the ground staff on the day who will be please to help you. We aim to get football back up and running in the safest possible way for all involved. It may be slightly slower and look different but its still football so please enjoy it.


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