Refs faux par kills Rovers

A somewhat dubious sending off for Barton skipper Paul Andrews after 14 minutes virtually determined the outcome of this one. Kempston went ahead on 28 minutes when Barton's Robbie Goodman's deflection sailed over Barton keeper Malone into the far corner. In the aftermath Goodman and Kempston's Bush picked up yellow cards. Barton's ten men failed to stem the tide of attacks and went further behind on 40 minutes when Olineran's goal-line clearance fell at Kempston's Tshikuna's feet and he rolled it into an empty net. Tshikuna popped up again with a thunderbolt shot to make it 0-3 on 69 minutes. There was still time for Goodman to be the second player to see red for a second yellow card offence with 9 minutes remaining.

MOM: Nathan Tshikuna (Kempton Rovers )

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