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Barton Rovers vs Cirencester final score.

Barton Rovers vs Cirencester Town

Saturday 25th February

Cirencester Town FC made the long travel to Sharpenhoe Road as they faced off this afternoon. Starting the game off, the visitors immediately took control of the game as they looked to pounce on Rovers, however, they only managed a few chances on goal. The most notable moment from the half saw Kieran Hamilton begin a run just inside the opposition’s half, with no players in front of him, it was a clear chance for Hamilton to go on to score, but he was dragged down by Joshua Nelmes who was only booked for the offence and despite the cries from all of Barton, a red wasn’t shown. Both teams had periods where they made the other teams work defensively, but after a scrappy first half, both teams went down the tunnel goalless.

The second half wasn’t much better as most of it was scrappy and difficult for both teams, but Cirencester deservedly came out on top. The visitors’ first goal came in the sixty-fifth minute after Aidan Bennett pounced on a ball into the box and stuck it into the back of the net. However, two minutes prior to the goal, Barton really should’ve taken the lead as Scott Joseph had a golden opportunity in front of goal, but he squandered the chance and Alexander Harris made an excellent save. Cirencester got their second goal just fifteen minutes later as Lewis Thomas misjudged a goal kick allowing Levi Irving to take it around Matt Boylan before passing it into the back of the net. The second goal saw the game off and meant Cirencester travelled home with the three points.

Full Time: Barton Rovers 0-2 Cirencester

MOTM: Matt Boylan voted by the sponsor of today’s game – Barton Rovers Youth Coaches

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